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From objects to spaces, from the detail to the whole
I am a photographer, Art director & stylist based in Berlin.
I am specialised in Interior and Product photography.

While studying architecture, I progressively developed my love for photography focusing first on interiors then expanding to food, events, and still life.
My background inspired my vision and soon, composition, balance, and attention to detail became fundamentals parts
of my work. 
I strongly believe in the power of images and the importance they have in communicating the story and message of my clients.
After having gained experience as an interior designer and stylist I now work closely with architects and real estate companies to help them reach the best possible results in terms of lighting and composition.
Lately, I discovered my passion for food and its history also thanks to my family, their restaurant, and the way they have
in delivering the traditional Italian culinary experience. 
From the essence of the space to the preparation of a meal,
I'm here to visualize your story.
My clients and collaborations include: 
Fantastik Frank, Wayfair, V+VInterni London, Wishbone, Lindstedt Interiors, CO Studio Design, b: handmade furniture, Horticure, Go Living_Berlin, Fable & Loom,
McM Premium Home, Carhartt_WIP, H&M Mitte Garden,,,, Thomas Porzelan, Juniqe.
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